Featherton House Lunch

Featherton House Lunch Trip

7 residents and three staff enjoyed a trip to the pub for a good old fashioned pub lunch. Sturdy’s castle is an old style pub in Oxfordshire which serve all the old classics but Fish and Chips was the favourite of the day! One staff member also undertook a pub quiz whilst we were there for the residents which we all enjoyed.

The home manager was fortunate enough receive this glowing piece of feedback from a member of staff who was working at Sturdy’s Castle on the day.

“Hi, I’m writing this as I believe carers and Residential Homes only ever receive the bad comments and never the good. 
I work at Sturdys Castle. And today we had a table in to dine with us for lunch. As soon as the First Lady walked into the restaurant with one of your residents you could see how happy they both were. 
All through the meal a blonde lady was doing a little pop quiz with them which they all enjoyed and joined in with. Every single person at the table was smiling and happy which you don’t see often. I use to work in a care home and it melted me heart to see how much the 3 ladies cared and respected each and every resident that they were out with. 
You have some amazing staff that you should be very very proud of as today they made each and every one of those 7 residents smile and laugh. “