Featherton House Care Home resident Edna plants the first of the home's new raised flower beds.

Springing into Action in the Featherton House Care Home Garden

Set in the centre of the pretty Oxfordshire village of Deddington, Featherton House Care Home boasts a beautiful walled garden area. Following recent refurbishment works, residents now have wheelchair access to the garden, with the added benefit of raised flowerbeds.

Gardening is a popular activity with many of our residents, offering great comfort and a real sense of purpose. In addition, spending time outdoors often conjures up fond memories. This can spark conversations about the things residents’ have grown themselves over the years. Following the completion of our outdoor refurbishments at the end of the autumn, the Featherton House residents have been waiting in anticipation to get out into the new-look outdoor area.

With bulbs starting to come through and milder than expected weather, January seems the perfect time for our gardeners to spring into action. Featherton House resident Edna, who has long been a keen gardener, wanted to add some winter plants to brighten up the colder months.

The First Project

To kick off the first project in our new garden, Edna requested a trip to a local plant centre to find the perfect winter colours. With a group of fellow residents by her side, we took Edna to Yarnton Nurseries to choose a selection of stunning seasonal plants.

Wasting no time at all, Edna headed straight out to the garden armed with gardening gloves and a trowel to get started. She spent the afternoon helping the Featherton House team plant the likes of cyclamen, hellebore, and tulip bulbs in our new raised beds. Thanks to Edna’s efforts, residents now have some lovely winter shades to catch their eye through the windows. Meanwhile, plans for the next project are starting to form to ensure the garden bursts into full bloom in the spring.

At Featherton House Care Home we take time to understand your interests to help you continue doing the things you love.