Featherton House Care Home residents meet therapy ponies Elsa and Lollypop.

Ponies Trot Into Featherton House Care Home

Residents at Featherton House Care Home in Deddington have spent a morning meeting two adorable Shetland Ponies. Elsa and Lollypop, therapy ponies from Lollipop Pony Parties, had quite the reception from our residents when they came to visit.

With our rural village location, many Featherton House residents grew up embracing country life. Some have lived on farms in the Cherwell area, while others have fond memories of horse riding. As a result, this visit was met with a great deal of excitement. A large number of residents assembled in the conservatory to greet the arrivals.

During the visit, residents were able to feed the ponies apples and thoroughly enjoyed spending time petting them. We strive to make our activities inclusive for all, and this visit from Elsa and Lollypop was no exception. For those unable to attend the group session, we arranged for the ponies to visit them in their own rooms.

Promoting Wellbeing

Lollipop Pony Parties provide therapy pony visits to care homes, giving residents the chance to interact with these gentle and affectionate animals. Visits from the ponies can help to promote residents’ wellbeing, social engagement, and have many other therapeutic benefits.

The sight of the animals, their smell, and the noises they make helped residents to reminisce about their younger years in the countryside. These particular ponies are used to being in a care home environment and even wear specially designed tabards to prevent little accidents!

Elsa and Lollypop’s visit has remained a favourite topic of conversation long after the event itself.

At Featherton House we build our activities programme around the things that interest you the most. Experiences from the past can hold strong and meaningful memories. This is why we often hold activities and discussions designed to help you reminisce and reconnect with your fondest memories.